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The Client

Stoic Client Seeks Graphic Designer for Quotation-based Designs

My UK-based stoic client is on a mission to blend profound wisdom with captivating visuals. They’ve enlisted the expertise of a skilled graphic designer to bring their vision to life. Together, they’re creating impactful designs that inspire introspection and spread stoic teachings worldwide.

The Goal

My client aims to create a collection of visually stunning designs that seamlessly combine stoic wisdom and captivating quotations, inspiring viewers to embrace stoic principles, find resilience in challenging times, and pursue a virtuous life.

The goal is to share these designs widely, fostering introspection and personal growth among a diverse audience.



The client’s collaboration with the graphic designer yielded remarkable outcomes. The captivating designs, blending stoic wisdom with visually striking quotations, resonated deeply with viewers. The designs garnered significant attention and appreciation, leading to increased recognition for the client’s stoic philosophy. As a result, the client’s message reached a wide audience, inspiring countless individuals to embrace stoicism and embark on their own paths of self-improvement.

All works

The client and I designer delved even deeper into the realm of stoic teachings and quotations. Each new design sought to explore different facets of stoicism, presenting thought-provoking ideas and inspiring viewers to reflect on their own lives. These designs further expanded the client’s reach, generating even more engagement and fostering a growing community of individuals seeking wisdom and resilience through stoic principles.

My Clients Feedback

Diepriye Josiah

Owner of StoicLifer in UK

"I've managed to look through most of the graphics now, and by way of feedback as the client, I believe you took instructions well and delivered on what was agreed. You were also disciplined enough to work without supervision and were organized in the way you presented the completed work."

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