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The Client

My client is the CEO of M2, a leading social/content marketing agency in Germany. Their strategic vision and leadership have propelled the agency to success in delivering innovative marketing solutions for clients.

The Goal

My goal as their social media manager is to maximize brand visibility, engagement, and audience growth for M2. By developing compelling content strategies and leveraging social platforms effectively, I aim to drive meaningful results and strengthen the agency’s online presence and its clients.



As the social media manager, my efforts have yielded impressive results for M2. Brand visibility has skyrocketed, engagement rates have soared, and audience growth has exceeded expectations, solidifying M2’s position as a leader in the digital marketing space.

All works - weekly report

As the diligent social media manager at M2, I ensure seamless communication by providing comprehensive weekly reports. Through meticulous analysis of each client’s social media performance, I identify key metrics, track trends, and deliver valuable insights.

By presenting clear and concise findings, I enable informed decision-making, strategic adjustments, and foster a transparent relationship with clients, ultimately driving their social media success.

My Clients Feedback

Michel Tentchou

CEO and Founder of M2 Socials

Hey Josh! Just wanted to give you a shoutout for your amazing work as our Social Media Manager at M2 Socials. Your strategy, creativity, and dedication have truly made a huge impact on our online presence and brand reputation. Big thanks and keep rocking!

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